Oh Blessed Process

Before this class I had long ago abandoned watercolors in favor of acrylics. I remember an instructor at William Carey denigrating them as “old lady paint”. Well, nobody wants to be associated with old lady paint! I did not have a very good formal education, as far as art is concerned, before Agnes. I see that now.  Had I looked around further out from my little world I would have found so much information to use in developing an artistic voice. Oh well, that is water under the bridge. It is never too late, as they say. This semester has both challenged and frustrated me from all different angles. But I have grown. For that, I am truly grateful.

As for watercolors, I see the value in them, both literally and figuratively. Learning to go slow, a built-in characteristic of the medium, and allow the time to really study my subject is producing some pretty exciting results. Deeply gazing at each nuanced shade of color, shape of form and angle of line at the edges where they meet, I let my eyes flow along and work in concert with my hand. All the while leaving my meddling brain to sleep on the sidelines. A side benefit has been the meditative manner I have begun to approach each session with fluid media, basking in the process while letting my mind drift quietly along the edge of awareness, only to “come to” and find a beautiful interpretation of a fall leaf at my fingertips. The pleasant wisps of thought that remains, each time leaving me calmer and more healed than the last. I still need balance and this helps.


One response

  1. Nell Ruby

    Thank you for a really interesting post. I like the reflection on being able to see a label as someone else limiting to you. Old lady is as old lady does, and now that I am an old lady, I appreciate my point of view. It may be wisdom that let’s me let go–frees me to experiment and grow. No formulas!

    November 11, 2011 at 10:18 pm

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