No Brain Imposition

I have been increasingly frustrated with my attempts to make something happen with all this trash. First I thought I wanted to convey a sense of the day-to-day reality for people living in developing areas of the world, like the Amazon rainforests in Ecuador, where over 30 years of pollution caused by toxic oil spills into the water and on the land of their villages threatens their existence. Nell suggested I make a number of sketches of their homes to begin…..


I really like these drawings. So much so that when I started trying to create them with trash I could not let go of their inherent nature and make anything happen.

That phrase….make happen…..

Trying to make it happen.



Trying to impose my will.

My concept.

My precious concept. (my presssciousssss…)


The suggestion to give up the fight and give into the process yielded 2 hours of unguided exploration into what these unfamiliar materials would actually or could actually do.

The results made me very happy!

Surrender is so peaceful…….


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