Adobe Illustrator gets better with age…..

Re-creation of Adobe illustrator 7 ad

My first experience with ai was in the fall of 2001 at Washington-Holmes Technical Center where I completed the work for a certificate in Printing and Graphic Arts. My assignment after I completed a tutorial was to choose an advertisement from a Mac magazine and use ai 6 to re-create the ad without scanning and tracing…. “just eyeball it” the instructor, Keith Forehand, told us. Well… ai 7 had already been released so I chose an ad depicting all the wonderful illustrations possible with the updated program. Challenging and fun! Since that time Adobe has updated ai several more times and added more fun stuff! As demonstrated in class on 9/1, you can work more easily with layers, a function that makes it possible to manage different areas of your image with relative ease.

Every element has it's own layer!



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