The “Boing” on immigration…..

A long, long time ago, a bunch of Europeans got fed up with how they were treated in their own country and moved to “The New Land”……..

In the apparently inheritable logic they possessed, these “settlers” began to take over the land and resources of the people living on these once vast plains. Eventually moving further and further west, claiming any and all land for themselves and refusing to recognise the rights of the people they encountered, these first “Americans” established towns and settlements for themselves. Ultimately up-rooting any community in their way, mostly on the basis of “primitive culture” more accurately translated “white makes right”, the new Americans murdered, plundered, and tricked the native population out of land they had lived on from time unknown. This included going to war with Mexico to “claim” the land now known as Southern Cal, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, etc..

And here we are, a couple hundred years later acting all indignant over “illegal immigration”……….

Watch as some local yokels abuse a descendant of the native people of the southwest area of this country who has the courage to confront their racism. Warning!! Strong Language!


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