1/25/11 Deep Looking

When this assignment was first presented, I was unsure of how to proceed. I began by sketching the forms into my log. In observing the sculptures I began to see things that were interesting to me, so I wrote those into the sketches and as I proceeded with drawing and writing, I began to understand what I was “looking for”. I found this exercise very helpful for getting the creative thought process started and I will use it for future projects. After we finished and began to discuss the ideas of form without function, cold vs. approachable, and eliciting response, etc., I realized I had never really understood 3-d process. From the first class I have kept a sketchbook log, as Nell suggested, and I am looking at everything with renewed intensity. This makes me so much more aware of my world than I have been before. I am noticing things I have overlooked, or looked past, and this gives me a fresh environment without “leaving home”. I like this! I think that by “deep-looking” I am interactive with my view. I am no longer merely looking at, I became a part of the play.


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