1/27/11 Respond to the material.

The first form. As I held the modeling clay  I allowed communication to flow from my hand to my mind. Dry, squishy, weight, squeeze, push, pull, bumpy, texture, giving, taking, in, out, birth, smooth, soothe, wrinkle, old, new, age, change, grow…….. I wrote these thoughts down as they came, breathing ‘yoga style’, calming the clutter that normally occupies my head.

Without any purpose in mind I began to shape the clay, paying attention to the qualities I had recorded. As the clay lengthened in my hand, Henry Moore at the gardens came to my mind. I broke off a small piece and rolled it between my palms. I was transported back in time to the studio where I spent endless hours, hand building and throwing clay. Such love I felt at that time in my life for the process of creating. Hands in the dirt. Child-like delight in play. Warm and comforting. I was resting in a safe memory. I began to shape the second piece into a more organic, cave-like form where I could stash this perfect memory. Keep it protected for a time.

I love the way light plays in and out of this form. Thanks for the insight, Nell. As I practice listening to my inner voice I hope to become more visually aware.

Attempt at the opposite. Perhaps this is too obvious. I put active thought into this response to the first piece. The fact that I had ‘destroyed’ the first form in order to create the second led me to want to make a distinct connection between the two. So I chose to make stepping-stones representing a change from resting to moving. This parallels my life, I have been still for a time, now I am moving towards a goal greater than merely surviving. I am on the move.


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